lw paper watermark 300x297 Paper

Leigh Anne Wilbanks Photography has a new branch! Leigh Anne Wilbanks Designs was born when I was pregnant and could not shoot, I began to design stationery and fell in love with it!

Below are some of the products I currently offer, but keep checking back because I am in the process of expanding my product lines I am able to offer daily! Also, every order is designed completely custom for each client, this means from start to finish you will not have an identical product to anyone else unless you request it. I pride myself on offering unusual and high quality paper products that are unique to your personality and “just right.” If this means going through multiple proofs until we get it perfect I am happy to do it! There is nothing better to me than presenting a package of product to a client whether it is a photo or stationery and they adore it and say “It’s perfect! It’s exactly what I wanted!”

I am also proud to have partnered with an artist named Mitchell Walters who has allowed me to digitize her beautiful art so I can put it on stationery, notepads, coasters, and just about anything else I can dream up! Below is our price list of our current stationary offerings, but if you want a specific product I would be happy to price it for you! Please e-mail me at or call me at (225)573-1598 to inquire further!